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I have had a very stressful year. And this subsequent to this, it also effected my art.

Watercolour is a medium, in which you have to be on the ball during the painting process. I do not have a “layer-by-layer” technique, but what should be a fast pace, to correspond with the movements of the water.

Adding to the above,  I got a little bored as well…and started going back to my roots of drawing.

Although a lead pencil used to be my paintbrush, I instead picked up sticks (i.e pastel and charcoal). I didn’t draw with any expectations, however, some how or another, they have ended up in my forthcoming exhibitions.

And they are more on the easel as we speak!

This has also made me miss my watercolour and also that break improved my work. I guess, like in any relationship, a little space helps the relationship become stronger…

“My Usual Please…”, (charcoal on paper)

The Jamison Valley, (pastel on paper)

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, (although watercolour, it was a feather by feather approach, so more relaxing)

Did I mention my art is being used for the next Drummoyne Art show…?


Fundraising Commission

I recently was commissioned to do a raw piece of work, which would be donated for a fundraising event for ‘Paradise for Kids’. I was happy to see the painting go to live auction at the event, with the winning bid of $5000 raising much needed funds for P4K (Paradise 4 Kids) and their missionary work in Africa.



Slowing down…

Myself painting a miniature in watercolor

Myself painting a miniature in watercolor

I am currently having a small break. My last show for the short term was The Oyster Bay Art and Craft Show, where I was feature artist. It was a great event for the community and visitors still came through the doors despite the wet weather.

I sold four of my paintings at the festival and look forward to showing my work again next year.

I was also fortunate to meet some of my buyers, which is a rare pleasure.

This is one of my sold paintings, ‘Sunset Theatrics’.

Sunset Theatrics

Bits n Pieces

It’s been a busy two weeks since I last posted. February is already over and a very busy March is around the corner!

I wanted to paint another hydrangea in a larger format. Here it is…not quite finished. I find the subject of flowers quite relaxing πŸ™‚

In progress...

In progress…

While we’re in my studio…

Reviewing my street scenes side by side, and as a collective in my studio

Reviewing my street scenes side by side, and as a collective in my studio

A small painting of the Rocks I completed…

Cafe scene in the Rocks, Sydney

Eating out @ the Rocks, Sydney

This week I delivered my paintings down to Yowie Bay at the Waterbrook resort annual exhibition. It was a rainy day, but it has cleared up so people can visit over the weekend.

Rainy day delivery work to Waterbrook

Rainy day delivery work to Waterbrook

A big congratulations to my original and great watercolour teacher, Joe Cartwright. He has recently published his own book, to continue what he does best: help people with this medium in a simple and easy to learn method. A big PLUG here for his book, which you can purchase as a paperback or ebook! (click image to be directed to the site)

indexI’m off to the Gold Coast next weekend for a special birthday, so I will update my blog when I get back!


On the street!

Hi there! I haven’t posted in a while…only because there hasn’t been not much going on.

I have been focusing my art on Sydney’s city streets. It’s amazing how much great architecture we have here under our noses and I wanted to capture some of those missed moments as life rushes us by, day by day. Here is a couple I have completed with many more ideas in my head! πŸ™‚

Watercolour cafe scene in Sydney city arcade

Breakfast under the arches

People walking to work through the Sydney General Post Office arcade

Morning in the GPO Colonnade

City Sydney Martin Place

Morning light, GPO façade

Looking into Martin Place in Sydney

City Solitude

Check this out! The Oatley West Art and Craft show has developed an online website for purchasing artwork for their show. The website even creates an online simulation of how my work will look on your wall…. Show is on March 20-22nd…but you can view my work now, under numbers 0093, 0101-0104.

My work hanging in your living room maybe...? Hi tech simulation by Oatley West

My work hanging in your living room maybe…? Hi tech simulation by Oatley West

As a part of my process, I always produce thumbnail sketches before I start any work. This is essential to look at tone, design and later colour schemes (i do colour thumbnails also!). In design school they always tried to drill in us that we had to do 100 designs before choosing the 15 best for our collection. I have realised the importance of this process, now, in my art career…and best thing of all: I love doing them! It’s so much fun! There are reasons for this…there is no pressure of the paint failing on you and there is total freedom in just …sketching!

Chrysovalantou thumbnail sketches

My painting process : the ideas

I have good news that I will be growing my art into new avenues…I’ll release the news hopefully in the next couple weeks x



Rainy weather work

An end to another week and the first month of the year! How time flies!

This week saw the close of a very wet Art of Sydney exhibition at the Maritime Museum. By Tuesday, when I was on duty, it was not only pouring down…but there was also electricity failures and leaks in the venue that staff attending to, making their morning very unexpectedly busy!

My art society, the Nepean Art Society, was featured on the front cover of local press, along with my awarded work and that of other members on a full-page inside. πŸ™‚

Mention in Nepean News local paper

Mention in Nepean News local paper

Nepean Art Society on front cover

Nepean Art Society on front cover

Used the long weekend (and rainy stay-indoor-weather!) to complete two new pieces. Leave a reply, if you would like to leave feedback!

The first is a large watercolour painting of sunflowers (I’m loving flowers at the moment!) and the second a Sydney Harbour Bridge street scene painting. You can view these in my gallery and are also now available in my shop.

A row of sunflowers in watercolor

The sunny side of things

Sydney Harbour street scene painting

Sydney Coat Hanger View

I’m getting ready for the Waterbrook exhibition this week (details on the front page of my site) and completing a couple of small pieces that I will display next week!

Until then….Thanks for coming by and having a look πŸ™‚

~ Chrysovalantou