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I received a couple of commendations recently for my watercolours at the Drummoyne Art Show. I don’t like being in front of people, but we award winners, had to go on stage, collect our certificates and pose for these wonderful photos with local councilors…

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I had come down from the Springwood Art Show, where it was a treat to see 3 red dots beside my collection of work there. It’s a great feeling as an artist, to think that someone has really liked my work and will have my painting hanging on their walls.:)

I walked in to collect my Penrith Show paintings and a surprise to me – I had won first place in the watercolour section! While talking about the lovely ribbon that you receive, someone pointed out that behind me, was another one of my works, with another prize on it (‘Council Overall Winner of Painting and Drawing’).

That equals 5 surprises in a matter of hours, and therefore resulting in some very happy (and sore) cheeks for the drive home.

‘Wet Suits’, First in Watercolour at the Penrith Show


‘By The Window’, Overall Council Winner

August saw the close of the hospital exhibition, ‘Celebrating Life with Watercolours’. Had a couple of sales and took the work down last Friday.

Since my last post, I have completed a number of works. Here are some of them!

Boats on sand in Wareemba Sydney

Wymston Parade, Canada Bay

Gondolas and gondoliers

Lined up

Street scene of Bologna Italy

Bologna, Italy

My next show, will be at the Nepean Spring Exhibit www.nepeanartsociety.org on the 12th – 13th September. Oh, how nice it is Spring at last!

My return post

I haven’t posted in a while!

I think life just got a head of me for a while. I was sick, then went on a break and then just busy! But I though last week’s news was worth posting about…

In my first year of being able to enter into the Coal & Allied Singleton Art Prize, I enjoyed the drive upย  to deliver my paintings for the show. I received a pleasant phone call later that week to tell me that I had won first place in the ‘Miniatures’ category! Yay!! (Alas I don’t have a photo of the piece).

Pick up day came around and I went around collecting my paintings. Double delight – I sold my full sheet Venice piece ‘Buona Sera Venice’. I hope the buyer enjoys it for many years to come ๐Ÿ™‚

Watercolor painting of Venice Italy Grand Canal at Sunset

Bona Sera Venice

There is one more month of my exhibition ‘Celebrating Life with Watercolour’ at the Randwick Children’s Hospital. The catalogue can be viewed here.

And although life has gotten a bit more busy of late, here are some of the works I have completed since I last posted.

Taking cover, San Remo, Italy

Taking cover, San Remo, Italy

Sydney city

Sydney city

Hopefully, from now on, I will be posting more frequently – so please come back and check what I’m up to from time to time ๐Ÿ™‚


~ Chrysovalantou

painting rainbows

I have had a less productive week this week. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like painting. The lesson I have learnt from my experience is: don’t paint when you don’t feel like it, because it will show in the painting!

But I have also learnt that you can do other things in that time, so you can keep growing and improving in times when you don’t feel very productive at all. Reading/ studying books is one way. The other is to start studying your watercolor pigments and learn them well!

When I first started painting…this was the LAST thing I wanted to do. I did a colour wheel, I did tests…but I wanted to paint pictures instead. Now I have gained a greater insight to what my tutor Joe Cartwright and artists Hazel Soan have been talking about. Learn your colours: which are transparent, opaque – what happens when they mix- what colours you can create from a very small palette – and learn them well! It will give you more tools to work with when you paint.

So here is what I do when I’m not in a painting mood…

Watercolour pigment mixing

Learning your colors


and it is really fun and quite amazing! I have a small palette and I am not even half way through with the possibilities! I keep my charts as references for later work.

In other news, the Art of Sydney Awards are on this long weekend, ending on Tuesday. I will be there on Tuesday morning until 12.00pm on duty. My society and the awards won by our members, including myself, were featured in local press this week. Well done everyone!

Art of Sydney Awards featured in local newspaper

Art of Sydney Awards featured in local newspaper

nice surprises

Last Saturday, I navigated myself down to the Bankstown Arts Centre to deliver my work for the ‘Art of Sydney’ awards, that will be held later this month.

It’s my first time in the show and to be honest, I was (very!) nervous about being accepted by the judge/s.

I was very pleased when the call on Sunday gave me the good news that, yes I will be hung! YAY!

Tuesday night came along and so did a missed call on my phone. Calling back, hoping there hadn’t been any mistakes…I was advised that I was awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ for Watercolour and was a finalist in the 9 x 5 ” section.ย  Double YAY!

Other members of my Nepean group also received awards, which was great news ๐Ÿ™‚

These are the paintings mentioned…


City street scene painting

‘Highly Commended’ in Watercolour – ‘Wet Suits’


Painting of Sydney Harbor Bridge

Finalist in the 9 x 5″ section – Sydney Harbour Bridge

I continued painting flowers this week. Slow and careful work in humid heat! Not a good mix, the paint drying like that! I loved the colours of my hydrangea from my back garden, that I really felt like painting and tackling the subject. You should always follow those inclinations ๐Ÿ™‚

This is my finished painting and am loving how my art is looking on my Redbubble store…


'By the window' ipad skin!

‘By the window’ ipad skin!

Painting of purple pink hyndrangea flower

By the window


I also tried to go and get in some plein air practice this week. Down by the bay, it proved to be very windy on both days I tried. First time was worse than the last, when everything was being blown away. I had to hold onto everything!

Now as the heat subsides, and the storm rolls over, I concept new work for the coming week ๐Ÿ™‚

Until then,



artist diary…008

I had a great weekend.

I had no idea that I had won second prize at the Blackheath Rhododendron Art Show, until I got there after a 1.5 hour drive. A nice surprise indeed!! The tiredness of the drive definitely disappeared…especially when even better news was given: that I sold 2/3 paintings exhibited! “YAY!”, became my favourite phrase of the day ๐Ÿ™‚

Second prize in Watercolour/Pastel section

Second prize in Watercolour/Pastel section

Surprised me with winning and sold painting

Surprised me with winning and sold painting

My sold painting - YAY!

My sold painting – YAY!

The week has been a week of experimenting with new subjects, disasters that I will have to learn from and organising new workshops, websites, pages and learning a lot of new web jargon!

My friend Joe Cartwrightย  dropped off my paintings at the Blue Mountains Artfest at Wentworth Falls that is on this weekend. Balmain Art and Craft show is on at the same time and are the last shows for me for this year – PHEW! Hope you can check them out!

Some work on display this weekend…

sunrise over Venice, Italy

Venice Sunrise

Wet Sydney city street scene watercolour

‘I don’t like Mondays’