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ChrysovalantouArt Print Online Shop

I am pleased to announce that I have launched ChrysovalantouArt, my online fine art print store! Check it out!


Available at ChrysovalantouArt are giclee prints of selected watercolor artworks of my own.

They also come in a variety of sizes! (Perfect for gift giving!)

I also ship worldwide.

My online print store

My online print store

Delivering work around town

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! Made a speedy trip to the Gold Coast (so fast there is no piccies to show!)

Was a finalist at the Waterbrook Art Show.

Finalist with 'Wet Suits'

Finalist with ‘Wet Suits’

Delivered my work at the Royal Easter Show (opens 26th March!)…I learned a couple of valuable lessons for next year. Also delivered 5 pieces to the Art in the Hills Oakhill College show (next weekend 20th – 22nd March).

My pass into the show!

My pass into the show!

Car line up for the Easter Show delivery

Car line up for the Easter Show delivery


Next week I am delivering to Oatley West Art Show (on next weekend 20th – 22nd March too!)

When not traveling, I finished the hydrangea piece I was working on in my last post.

Hydrangea watercolor painting

Seeing Blue

I also completed ‘Mirror, Mirror’ a wet street scene watercolor.

Wet street city landscape painting

Mirror, Mirror

And that’s me for the week! 🙂

~ Chrysovalantou

Bits n Pieces

It’s been a busy two weeks since I last posted. February is already over and a very busy March is around the corner!

I wanted to paint another hydrangea in a larger format. Here it is…not quite finished. I find the subject of flowers quite relaxing 🙂

In progress...

In progress…

While we’re in my studio…

Reviewing my street scenes side by side, and as a collective in my studio

Reviewing my street scenes side by side, and as a collective in my studio

A small painting of the Rocks I completed…

Cafe scene in the Rocks, Sydney

Eating out @ the Rocks, Sydney

This week I delivered my paintings down to Yowie Bay at the Waterbrook resort annual exhibition. It was a rainy day, but it has cleared up so people can visit over the weekend.

Rainy day delivery work to Waterbrook

Rainy day delivery work to Waterbrook

A big congratulations to my original and great watercolour teacher, Joe Cartwright. He has recently published his own book, to continue what he does best: help people with this medium in a simple and easy to learn method. A big PLUG here for his book, which you can purchase as a paperback or ebook! (click image to be directed to the site)

indexI’m off to the Gold Coast next weekend for a special birthday, so I will update my blog when I get back!