Holidays approach

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while – life has just been really busy!

I have been teaching a starter watercolour course at the Rozelle Community College in Sydney. With 2 more weeks before the course wraps up, I am hoping the students will apply what they have learned in watercolour techniques to create a work from their own reference.

Last weekend was my last show of the year. It was ART4OZWAC – which raised money for the cause through sales and attendance to the show. Someone picked up my ‘Central’ painting, which I was very pleased about, and my ‘Peeking Rays’ painting. It was a scorcher of a weekend in degrees and I feel like I am nearly on holidays.


Farm shed watercolor with cloudy sky

Painting of Central Train Station Sydney


Some new work has also been added to my gallery.

Gondola night time scene

Evening Ride Home

Cloudy sky sunset over water

Iron Cove Bay Sunset

Pink clouds in sky as sun sets over landscape

Last light

surf beach watercolor painting

Coolangatta beach

Until next time – have a great Christmas, New Year and holidays!

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