artist diary…008

I had a great weekend.

I had no idea that I had won second prize at the Blackheath Rhododendron Art Show, until I got there after a 1.5 hour drive. A nice surprise indeed!! The tiredness of the drive definitely disappeared…especially when even better news was given: that I sold 2/3 paintings exhibited! “YAY!”, became my favourite phrase of the day 🙂

Second prize in Watercolour/Pastel section

Second prize in Watercolour/Pastel section

Surprised me with winning and sold painting

Surprised me with winning and sold painting

My sold painting - YAY!

My sold painting – YAY!

The week has been a week of experimenting with new subjects, disasters that I will have to learn from and organising new workshops, websites, pages and learning a lot of new web jargon!

My friend Joe Cartwright  dropped off my paintings at the Blue Mountains Artfest at Wentworth Falls that is on this weekend. Balmain Art and Craft show is on at the same time and are the last shows for me for this year – PHEW! Hope you can check them out!

Some work on display this weekend…

sunrise over Venice, Italy

Venice Sunrise

Wet Sydney city street scene watercolour

‘I don’t like Mondays’


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