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Busy with Commission works

I have been head down, completing commission pieces of late. Most being framed and given as Christmas presents, which is not far away now!

The below watercolor commission, was sent to the USA last week. Selected from a painting on my online gallery, I repainted the piece, including elements that only the gift giver and receiver would understand. I’m glad to be able to capture a special family memory for them.

A family memory commission, 36cm x 27cm/ 14″ x 10.5″ watercolor

I also have completed the following painting for a client, capturing a loved house and it’s amazing surroundings.

36cm x 27cm/ 14″ x 10.5″ watercolor

I was asked to paint a second version ‘Paradise for Kids’ fundraising piece. Which I also have completed recently.

74cm x 37cm/ 29″ x 14.5″ Watercolor

If you would like to inquire about a commission piece, you can contact me here. I also repaint pieces, currently available. Thank you.





I’ve had a very productive week, which I am happy about.

I attempted my first full sheet painting – and was happy with my first attempt on such a large scale.

So…of course I did a second full sheet and ..I’m liking working on such a large scale! It’s actually more fun than I would of imagined.

I also completed the following half sheet dedicated to… Sydney’s weather. I enjoy painting wet street scene paintings.

wet Sydney street scene watercolor


Next weekend will be the Art of Sydney Exhibition at the Maritime Museum – come down and have a look if you have a chance! It’s free entry all weekend, with extended hours (which you can see on my right menu bar) and 5 of my works on display.


Art Of Sydney awards

I’m also getting ready for the Royal Easter Show which needs entries in this week (an insight of how early we work ahead!)

And now…the weekend!

artist diary…006

I wasn’t able to post last week, as I had thrown my back out and was in recovery mode (or in a-lot-of-pain mode). But I’ve tried to get back into routine this week.

I completed my watercolor painting of the horse (I mentioned I started concepting in my last entry). I am happy with it’s result.

Horse looking out of stable


I also launched my very own Pinterest page! For those who do not know what Pinterest is about…it is another avenue where I can share my art with those who wish to follow my work (and others). They can in turn pin their favourites on their own board (like you would a cork board at home). Get it…? Have a look if your interested.
Chrysovalantou Mavroudis Watercolor Artist

I delivered my paintings to the Richmond School of Arts for the Macquarie Towns Art Society Exhibition this weekend. Come along and check it out, I have 5 works on show.


While I was out there, I joined the Nepean plein air group and started my adventure of working outside the studio.

Chrysovalantou plein air painting

Plein air painting at Phugh’s Lagoon

I also finished 2 more paintings this week. The paintings contrast in style and subject matter, but that is how I like to work… by mixing things up.

Sydney city street scene at peak hour

Morning rush

Colorful rusty old car

Treasure Trove

Up next I am delivering to the Blackheath Exhibition on the weekend and also getting ready for the Balmain show 🙂