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Framing your own paintings

You can do it yourself! As a working artist, putting in this extra work will save you some money in the long run. Having this experience will also allow you to swap paintings in frames, when they didn’t succeed as well as you hoped they had.

Before an exhibition, my studio goes into framing mode. The bits of dust that “appear” can drive me a bit batty, but I like being able to control the quality and result of how my paintings are framed.

I was lucky enough to be shown the “how to” by Joe Cartwright, Sydney- based watercolour artist. We recently went to his studio to document the process for his website.

See this page for a detailed article that he has written up for his viewers.


Final check before sealing the painting


Placing mat and artwork into frame and glass

Framed watercolour paining

Framed watercolour paining