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Good end to the year

I have not posted much this year. Wow! I can’t believe the year is near to its end.

I have been very selective this year in where I have been exhibiting. Which means I have had a break from some yearly shows.

However, I have had a couple of good weeks lately…which has ended the year on a high.

One of my paintings was voted and won the prize for ‘People’s Choice’ at the Blackheath Rhododendron Festival Art Show. I have never won this before, and it was a great surprise! I also sold 2 of my works at this show, which was very pleasing 🙂

George Street wet weather painting

Rainy Day in Sydney, Australia

I received a call late this afternoon, a call I think every artist wishes to the other…the one that says: “You don’t have to come and pick up your unsold works… as they all sold”. I was hiking in my favourite place, and was so grateful and surprised with the news.

I’m not sure if every one realises…but a sale for an artist (compared to buying from a mass market big business) not only supports them, but supports them to continue in developing their talent. We paint a picture developed in our mind and through hard work. It is always amazing that someone else out there, connects with it and wants to have it hanging up on their wall.

Many thanks to those who bought my 4 works. You have helped me continue in my work.

Sold Watercolour Artworks at Blue Mountains Artfest


artist diary…007

Last weekend I poked my head up to Queensland, so I missed writing in here last week!

I have been delivery my paintings to various shows, which will be my last shows for the year.

I dropped my and another artist work to the friendly girls at the Balmain Art and Craft Show. I will have four of my works exhibiting here, although I think they will be shown one at a time! It seems like a very busy show. I look forward to visiting it for the first time.

Took the nice long trip to Blackheath to deliver 3 works for the Blackheath Rhododendron Art  Show. It was my first time to Blackheath and enjoyed exploring the area.

Dropping off work to picturesque Blackheath

Dropping off work to picturesque Blackheath

I went up to Queensland where I was able to get some reference photos of horses for upcoming paintings. It will definitely be a challenge to capture their graceful movement!

My friend sent me this photo to show me her new purchased items she received in the mail. This year she decided to swap sending traditional Christmas cards and instead send my art cards which she bought from my Redbubble store – YAY!

My friend's purchase

My friend’s purchase

Finished 2 paintings which have been buzzing in my head…

Street scene painting of Sydney's Martin Place

Martin Place, Sydney

Bustling Circular Quay, Sydney watercolor painting

Brunch with a view

Blackheath show is still running until this weekend 2nd November and my last two shows are Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains Artfest and Balmain Art and Craft Show.

artist diary…006

I wasn’t able to post last week, as I had thrown my back out and was in recovery mode (or in a-lot-of-pain mode). But I’ve tried to get back into routine this week.

I completed my watercolor painting of the horse (I mentioned I started concepting in my last entry). I am happy with it’s result.

Horse looking out of stable


I also launched my very own Pinterest page! For those who do not know what Pinterest is about…it is another avenue where I can share my art with those who wish to follow my work (and others). They can in turn pin their favourites on their own board (like you would a cork board at home). Get it…? Have a look if your interested.
Chrysovalantou Mavroudis Watercolor Artist

I delivered my paintings to the Richmond School of Arts for the Macquarie Towns Art Society Exhibition this weekend. Come along and check it out, I have 5 works on show.


While I was out there, I joined the Nepean plein air group and started my adventure of working outside the studio.

Chrysovalantou plein air painting

Plein air painting at Phugh’s Lagoon

I also finished 2 more paintings this week. The paintings contrast in style and subject matter, but that is how I like to work… by mixing things up.

Sydney city street scene at peak hour

Morning rush

Colorful rusty old car

Treasure Trove

Up next I am delivering to the Blackheath Exhibition on the weekend and also getting ready for the Balmain show 🙂



Chrysovalantou stationary

I have just been over to Redbubble and set up a brand spanking new shop there.

What does that mean, you may ask?

It means you can now buy my art as greeting cards and postcards and have them delivered to any part of the world!

Go on over and have a look! I’ll be adding more work periodically.

Now for me…back to the drawing board.

You can buy unique postcards of greeting cards

You can buy unique postcards or greeting cards

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 2.35.30 PM