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artist diary…003

I had a very full on week.

And I am feeling it in my body!

Last week saw me be in so many places in one day, I was surprised that I did it all.

It was raining cats and dogs when I dropped off my artwork at Springwood High School for their annual Art show. It was my first year there.

I’ve been making my own plein air easel, with the help from my friend Joe. It’s all ready to go now, after a few minor hiccups in my assembly of it (thanks Joe!) Hopefully if the weather holds out, I will be with the Nepean plein air group this Thursday.

A trip to my framers on Saturday morning, then painting class and off to check out the Penrith Show down the road.

I was very surprised, when I saw a ribbon across my Sydney Harbour Bridge watercolour! It was awarded a Penrith Council Encouragement Highly Commended prize…so naturally I stuck around, volunteered my services, until the presentation.

Receiving my prize - I went back to my seat quickly! I'm not a big fan ofbeing in front of people!

Receiving my prize – I went back to my seat quickly! I’m not a big fan ofbeing in front of people!

Penrith Council Highly Commended Encouragement Award

Penrith Council Highly Commended Encouragement Award

Sunday, it was off to check out the art at the Springwood Show. I really like when paintings of the same artist are hung together. It just makes finding the works of artists easier and at the same time the presentation is more concise.

My Springwood Art display

My Springwood Art display

I was very pleased to see that my larger piece, ‘Wet Suits’ watercolour, found a home!

Doubly pleased, I also sold one of my Venice paintings as I was packing up. Thank you to my last minute buyer! It was nice to meet you 🙂

Street scene of Sydney in wet weather

‘Wet suits’

After that, it was a mad dash down the mountain to Penrith to pick up my gear and finally head home. When I got home, I started preparing for my next show: the Nepean Art Society show 12th-13th Sep!

Phew! That’s for another week……

Macquarie Towns Arts Society Autumn Show

Just a quick update from me.

One of my works – ‘Horse behind wire fence’ has been awarded a ‘Commendation’ at this year’s Macquarie Towns Arts Society Autumn Show.

Fellow society member took this snap while I was there visiting!


exhibition photo

Horse behind wire fence

Hawkesbury Show 2014

Two of my works have been awarded a ‘High Commendation’ and ‘Commendation’ awards at this years Hawkesbury Art Show 2014, NSW.

High Commendation in Watercolour for ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’

Sydney Harbour Bridge with shadows in watercolor

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Commendation in Miniature for ‘Boat on the Canal, Venice’

Miniature painting of Boat on Venice canal

Miniature painting: Boat on the Canal, Venice