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A Recent Commission

I recently completed a commission piece for a client wanting to create a 18th birthday gift to remember! A scene around Circular Quay, that most of us are familiar with: the buskers, the ferries, harbour bridge and the people! A favourite spot of the family, I tried to capture their memory in my own style. Hope you like it!

Commission work

I have been busy catching up with commission work lately.

I have been contacted through shows I have exhibited in, or through this website, to create one-off special pieces. These can be personal mementos captured in an artwork or farewell gifts, just to name a few examples.

One recently completed, is a commission painting I did of a beloved house that a family once grew up in.

Commission work

Commission work

I also have been preparing for a busy August month of shows. Painting, framing, delivering!

See my Upcoming Exhibitions page for more details.