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I have had a very stressful year. And this subsequent to this, it also effected my art.

Watercolour is a medium, in which you have to be on the ball during the painting process. I do not have a “layer-by-layer” technique, but what should be a fast pace, to correspond with the movements of the water.

Adding to the above,  I got a little bored as well…and started going back to my roots of drawing.

Although a lead pencil used to be my paintbrush, I instead picked up sticks (i.e pastel and charcoal). I didn’t draw with any expectations, however, some how or another, they have ended up in my forthcoming exhibitions.

And they are more on the easel as we speak!

This has also made me miss my watercolour and also that break improved my work. I guess, like in any relationship, a little space helps the relationship become stronger…

“My Usual Please…”, (charcoal on paper)

The Jamison Valley, (pastel on paper)

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, (although watercolour, it was a feather by feather approach, so more relaxing)

Did I mention my art is being used for the next Drummoyne Art show…?


We’re nearly in May!

Taking the chance on this rainy day (it did stop for a couple of hours!) to post about my week!

Picked up my work from the Drummoyne Art Show on the weekend. I was fortunate to sell my small painting of the QVB.

Morning Rush, QVB

Morning Rush, QVB

I managed to whip out my brushes for a spot of painting. I completed the following pieces:

Street scene of Queen Victoria statue

The Meeting Point

Outdoor cafe scene in watercolor

Cafes on the Quay

Painting of Luna Park rides in Sydney

The Fair

Next show is at the Winmalee Artfest on the first weekend of May. I can’t believe we are in May already. I will be delivering my work next Monday. I quite enjoyed visiting this show last year!


~ Chrysovalantou