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I had come down from the Springwood Art Show, where it was a treat to see 3 red dots beside my collection of work there. It’s a great feeling as an artist, to think that someone has really liked my work and will have my painting hanging on their walls.:)

I walked in to collect my Penrith Show paintings and a surprise to me – I had won first place in the watercolour section! While talking about the lovely ribbon that you receive, someone pointed out that behind me, was another one of my works, with another prize on it (‘Council Overall Winner of Painting and Drawing’).

That equals 5 surprises in a matter of hours, and therefore resulting in some very happy (and sore) cheeks for the drive home.

‘Wet Suits’, First in Watercolour at the Penrith Show


‘By The Window’, Overall Council Winner

August saw the close of the hospital exhibition, ‘Celebrating Life with Watercolours’. Had a couple of sales and took the work down last Friday.

Since my last post, I have completed a number of works. Here are some of them!

Boats on sand in Wareemba Sydney

Wymston Parade, Canada Bay

Gondolas and gondoliers

Lined up

Street scene of Bologna Italy

Bologna, Italy

My next show, will be at the Nepean Spring Exhibit www.nepeanartsociety.org on the 12th – 13th September. Oh, how nice it is Spring at last!

@ The Show

A week off and just catching up with bits and bobs – no time for painting unfortunately!

I did have some good news during my break – a couple of calls from the Royal Easter Show to tell advise me that I sold two of my paintings. A miniature and a full sheet – which found happy homes. Both paintings very much on different sizes of scale! I was very happy, as it was my first year entering ‘The Show’! ๐Ÿ™‚

My painting ‘Coat Hanger View’ also sold at the Drummoyne Art Show – which runs until this Sunday.

Sydney Harbour street scene painting

Sydney Coat Hanger View

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.18.06 PM

On the other side ofย  town, this weekend, is the Nepean Art Society Show – in which I will have 4 works on display.

10394154_412018805647520_3857397994290499630_nUntil next week!

~ Chrysovalantou

On the street!

Hi there! I haven’t posted in a while…only because there hasn’t been not much going on.

I have been focusing my art on Sydney’s city streets. It’s amazing how much great architecture we have here under our noses and I wanted to capture some of those missed moments as life rushes us by, day by day. Here is a couple I have completed with many more ideas in my head! ๐Ÿ™‚

Watercolour cafe scene in Sydney city arcade

Breakfast under the arches

People walking to work through the Sydney General Post Office arcade

Morning in the GPO Colonnade

City Sydney Martin Place

Morning light, GPO faรงade

Looking into Martin Place in Sydney

City Solitude

Check this out! The Oatley West Art and Craft show has developed an online website for purchasing artwork for their show. The website even creates an online simulation of how my work will look on your wall…. Show is on March 20-22nd…but you can view my work now, under numbers 0093, 0101-0104.

My work hanging in your living room maybe...? Hi tech simulation by Oatley West

My work hanging in your living room maybe…? Hi tech simulation by Oatley West

As a part of my process, I always produce thumbnail sketches before I start any work. This is essential to look at tone, design and later colour schemes (i do colour thumbnails also!). In design school they always tried to drill in us that we had to do 100 designs before choosing the 15 best for our collection. I have realised the importance of this process, now, in my art career…and best thing of all: I love doing them! It’s so much fun! There are reasons for this…there is no pressure of the paint failing on you and there is total freedom in just …sketching!

Chrysovalantou thumbnail sketches

My painting process : the ideas

I have good news that I will be growing my art into new avenues…I’ll release the news hopefully in the next couple weeks x



nice surprises

Last Saturday, I navigated myself down to the Bankstown Arts Centre to deliver my work for the ‘Art of Sydney’ awards, that will be held later this month.

It’s my first time in the show and to be honest, I was (very!) nervous about being accepted by the judge/s.

I was very pleased when the call on Sunday gave me the good news that, yes I will be hung! YAY!

Tuesday night came along and so did a missed call on my phone. Calling back, hoping there hadn’t been any mistakes…I was advised that I was awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ for Watercolour and was a finalist in the 9 x 5 ” section.ย  Double YAY!

Other members of my Nepean group also received awards, which was great news ๐Ÿ™‚

These are the paintings mentioned…


City street scene painting

‘Highly Commended’ in Watercolour – ‘Wet Suits’


Painting of Sydney Harbor Bridge

Finalist in the 9 x 5″ section – Sydney Harbour Bridge

I continued painting flowers this week. Slow and careful work in humid heat! Not a good mix, the paint drying like that! I loved the colours of my hydrangea from my back garden, that I really felt like painting and tackling the subject. You should always follow those inclinations ๐Ÿ™‚

This is my finished painting and am loving how my art is looking on my Redbubble store…


'By the window' ipad skin!

‘By the window’ ipad skin!

Painting of purple pink hyndrangea flower

By the window


I also tried to go and get in some plein air practice this week. Down by the bay, it proved to be very windy on both days I tried. First time was worse than the last, when everything was being blown away. I had to hold onto everything!

Now as the heat subsides, and the storm rolls over, I concept new work for the coming week ๐Ÿ™‚

Until then,



artist diary…007

Last weekend I poked my head up to Queensland, so I missed writing in here last week!

I have been delivery my paintings to various shows, which will be my last shows for the year.

I dropped my and another artist work to the friendly girls at the Balmain Art and Craft Show. I will have four of my works exhibiting here, although I think they will be shown one at a time! It seems like a very busy show. I look forward to visiting it for the first time.

Took the nice long trip to Blackheath to deliver 3 works for the Blackheath Rhododendron Artย  Show. It was my first time to Blackheath and enjoyed exploring the area.

Dropping off work to picturesque Blackheath

Dropping off work to picturesque Blackheath

I went up to Queensland where I was able to get some reference photos of horses for upcoming paintings. It will definitely be a challenge to capture their graceful movement!

My friend sent me this photo to show me her new purchased items she received in the mail. This year she decided to swap sending traditional Christmas cards and instead send my art cards which she bought from my Redbubble store – YAY!

My friend's purchase

My friend’s purchase

Finished 2 paintings which have been buzzing in my head…

Street scene painting of Sydney's Martin Place

Martin Place, Sydney

Bustling Circular Quay, Sydney watercolor painting

Brunch with a view

Blackheath show is still running until this weekend 2nd November and my last two shows are Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains Artfest and Balmain Art and Craft Show.

artist diary…005

Last week when I posted, I had an idea of how busy my weekend would be – but it was a very exciting one as well!

Thursday night I received a call to tell me that I was the Winner in the ‘Small Works’ section at the Drummoyne Art Members Show! I was thrilled, as it is my first win. To make it better, I also had received a High Commendation for another work.

Friday night, I received my prize and awards from the Deputy Major of Canada Bay.


Highly Commened awarded painting of QVB Sydney ‘Rush Hour’ – Highly Commended “Excellent contrast, lovely use of granulating pigments and great plein air feel”

Winning painting Drummoynesmall

‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ – Winner of Small works section

Chrysovalantou watercolour artist small

Chrysovalantou artist receiving award

Receiving my award on opening night

I sold three of my works on opening weekend, so was I was very pleased!

Looking out on Italian countryside

Between houses in Assisi Italy

Leaning tower in Venice Canal

Leaning tower of San Giorgio Dei Greci, Venice

Sydney CBD early morning

Rush Hour

I have gotten back into my painting this week, which I’m glad.

This is a piece I completed of one of my favourite subjects – yep – Venice!

Gondolas on Canal in Venice Italy

Venice Reflections

I have been itching to do another animal painting and I have started with some ideas. I always do a pencil tonal sketch before I begin a work. It helps you understand your subject and where the highlights and shadows will be – and also what you can improve on with the magic of the medium. I also will do a watercolour sketch before I begin, so I know I am happy with my colours palette.

Preliminary tonal sketch

Preliminary tonal sketch

Finally, I also delivered 5 works to Sth Hurstville for the Annual Art Show at St Mark’s Anglican Church. It is on all long weekend, so drop down and have a look if you live in the area. Drummoyne closes this weekend also – so I will be a busy bee picking up my work! No holidays for me ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Chrysovalantou