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Summer florals

I’ve had a nice break over Christmas and the New Year. Long over due maybe.

Before I took a break from painting, I was happy to end the year with a piece I was happy with. I haven’t painted many flower paintings, due to a lot of difficulties I had with them earlier in my learning the medium. So, I thought it was time to tackle the subject and after many failed attempts, I pushed through to complete the following painting of the Fuschia Lord Byron from my garden.

Lord Byron Fuchsia flower painting in watercolor

Fuchsia Lord Byron

Coming back to my easel, palette and window (where I paint at) after my break, (it felt like I hadn’t painted in months!) I decided to attempt my first rose. We don’t have much success growing roses in our backyard, but when we grew this lilac rose a couple of years ago, I was sure to snap a photo! It came in handy now, and I am very pleased with the result. I hope to do many more flower watercolor paintings in the future.

Stay tuned!

Rose watercolor painting

Lilac beauty