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My return post

I haven’t posted in a while!

I think life just got a head of me for a while. I was sick, then went on a break and then just busy! But I though last week’s news was worth posting about…

In my first year of being able to enter into the Coal & Allied Singleton Art Prize, I enjoyed the drive up  to deliver my paintings for the show. I received a pleasant phone call later that week to tell me that I had won first place in the ‘Miniatures’ category! Yay!! (Alas I don’t have a photo of the piece).

Pick up day came around and I went around collecting my paintings. Double delight – I sold my full sheet Venice piece ‘Buona Sera Venice’. I hope the buyer enjoys it for many years to come 🙂

Watercolor painting of Venice Italy Grand Canal at Sunset

Bona Sera Venice

There is one more month of my exhibition ‘Celebrating Life with Watercolour’ at the Randwick Children’s Hospital. The catalogue can be viewed here.

And although life has gotten a bit more busy of late, here are some of the works I have completed since I last posted.

Taking cover, San Remo, Italy

Taking cover, San Remo, Italy

Sydney city

Sydney city

Hopefully, from now on, I will be posting more frequently – so please come back and check what I’m up to from time to time 🙂


~ Chrysovalantou

On the street!

Hi there! I haven’t posted in a while…only because there hasn’t been not much going on.

I have been focusing my art on Sydney’s city streets. It’s amazing how much great architecture we have here under our noses and I wanted to capture some of those missed moments as life rushes us by, day by day. Here is a couple I have completed with many more ideas in my head! 🙂

Watercolour cafe scene in Sydney city arcade

Breakfast under the arches

People walking to work through the Sydney General Post Office arcade

Morning in the GPO Colonnade

City Sydney Martin Place

Morning light, GPO façade

Looking into Martin Place in Sydney

City Solitude

Check this out! The Oatley West Art and Craft show has developed an online website for purchasing artwork for their show. The website even creates an online simulation of how my work will look on your wall…. Show is on March 20-22nd…but you can view my work now, under numbers 0093, 0101-0104.

My work hanging in your living room maybe...? Hi tech simulation by Oatley West

My work hanging in your living room maybe…? Hi tech simulation by Oatley West

As a part of my process, I always produce thumbnail sketches before I start any work. This is essential to look at tone, design and later colour schemes (i do colour thumbnails also!). In design school they always tried to drill in us that we had to do 100 designs before choosing the 15 best for our collection. I have realised the importance of this process, now, in my art career…and best thing of all: I love doing them! It’s so much fun! There are reasons for this…there is no pressure of the paint failing on you and there is total freedom in just …sketching!

Chrysovalantou thumbnail sketches

My painting process : the ideas

I have good news that I will be growing my art into new avenues…I’ll release the news hopefully in the next couple weeks x