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Children’s Hospital show opening

Last Thursday saw the launch of ‘Celebrating Life with Watercolours’ by Joe Cartwright and myself. It was a wonderful night, with special guests from Louis Vuitton, other artists and friends, who came out on the night (thank you!) Thanks to Joe for the photos 🙂

The 26 pieces are on exhibit and sale until 28th August. Percentage of sales going to the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

11148371_835365966518148_2433329448713387827_o 11262400_835365969851481_1670101735869318503_o

I have also been fortunate to also been awarded three Highly Commended awards in Watercolour. Two awards given at the Macquarie Towns Arts Show and one at the Oyster Bay Arts Festival 🙂

Purple pink Hydrangea flower painting

Hydrangea Intricacy – Highly Commended

wet Sydney street scene watercolor

Stop/Start – Highly Commended

'Drifting Along' - Highly Commended

‘Drifting Along’ – Highly Commended

I was pleased to sell a three of paintings over the weekend at Oyster Bay and Richmond too! A nice end to the month of May, I must say!

Over the long weekend I will be exhibiting works in King Valley and Taralga!

Two days to go…

Today saw Joe and I travel to the Randwick Children’s Hospital to set up our exhibition ‘Celebrating Life with Watercolour’, which opens Thursday night, May 28th.
Assisted by Louis Vuitton volunteers and Art Staff, we hung our 26 pieces across our space on Level 1.

Here are some photos of us at work today 🙂 We definitely felt tired on our trip home.
(Thanks Joe for pushing the trolleys of work!)


Unpacked and ready to get to work with our ladders!

Joe checking out our space on our special green feature wall:)

Joe checking out our space on our special green feature wall:)


Joe Cartwright hanging up his work

My work and I - Selfie!

My work and I – Selfie!

Our Louis Vuitton helpers working hard,

Our Louis Vuitton helpers working hard,


Making sure everything is A.O.K

Making sure everything is A.O.K

Assistant Curator lending a hand

Assistant Curator lending a hand


Our Exhibition space on Level 1


Finished! We head home before Opening night.


One week to go

My show with Joe Cartwright is coming up next week, so it’s been a busy week framing the paintings for hanging day. If you missed my previous post, it will be launched on Thursday 28th May at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, as part of their Winter program.

Here are three works that will be on display and on sale.

Painting of Luna Park rides in Sydney

The Fair

Sydney city street scene at peak hour

Morning rush

Cafe scene in watercolor

Eating out

The last pieces of the puzzle

The last pieces of the puzzle

Chrysovalantou Art sale

Chrysovalantou Art sale

Was pleased to sell my Venice piece recently (pictured below).

Painting of narrow Venice Canal with reflections

Canal Reflections

This weekend, I also will have four works on exhibit at the Macquarie Towns Art Show, in Richmond.

Macquarie Towns Autumn Art Exhibition

Macquarie Towns Autumn Art Exhibition

Joe and I will be spending Tuesday, bringing our work into the hospital and hanging our work. I hope to post pictures from this preparation to the opening day!


~ Chrysovalantou

Preparing for a group show

It’s been a busy couple of weeks ( I think I say that every time!) with the usual pick ups and drops offs at shows. But for the last few weeks, it’s been heads down putting final touches to paintings for a group show to open the last week of May.

The exhibit is with artist Joe Cartwright, titled ‘Celebrating Life With Watercolour’. It will be part of the Winter art program launch at the Randwick Children’s Hospital on Thursday May 28th.

A couple of years back, I was a volunteer at this hospital and would spend my breaks walking up and down the corridors admiring the art. So much talent! There came a time though, that I stopped painting posters for the kids walls, and decided I needed to trade my Saturday’s there, for lessons in my favourite medium: Watercolour.

Full circle – I thought it would be perfect to show my work here, especially with my understanding and insight of how important a role art plays is in a hospital and especially in a children’s hospital. Never would I have imagined my work would be hung on the walls one day.

I have lots of framing to do – hope to see you there!

Chrysovalantou Art sale

Chrysovalantou Art sale

Framing your own paintings

You can do it yourself! As a working artist, putting in this extra work will save you some money in the long run. Having this experience will also allow you to swap paintings in frames, when they didn’t succeed as well as you hoped they had.

Before an exhibition, my studio goes into framing mode. The bits of dust that “appear” can drive me a bit batty, but I like being able to control the quality and result of how my paintings are framed.

I was lucky enough to be shown the “how to” by Joe Cartwright, Sydney- based watercolour artist. We recently went to his studio to document the process for his website.

See this page for a detailed article that he has written up for his viewers.


Final check before sealing the painting


Placing mat and artwork into frame and glass

Framed watercolour paining

Framed watercolour paining


The close of the Nepean Art Society Autumn Exhibition

We packed up our work and went home after a long weekend on our feet. I was really pleased that some of my paintings caught the eye of beholders, who wanted to take them home for their home and wall. To those that I met, it was so very nice to meet you.

It was a successful show the Nepean Art Society and it was an enjoyable weekend meeting so many new people and supporting friends with great talents in art.

Something I did contemplate was…the power of this small adhesive piece of paper called a sticker. What am I talking about?

As someone who has worked with children in a learning environment, I know how much children love to have a sticker placed on their work and efforts as a reward.

I thought it was amusing that the same smile I see on children’s faces, I see on us adult artists, when that small circle sticker is placed beside our work: “SOLD”

We are rewarded by a sticker (less fancy than children’s ones) but the excitement is equal.

I thought I would add the following photo that was sent to me. It was taken by the photographer of the event, who was photographing artists with their sold paintings.

Now…back to the drawing board!

Nepean Art Society Autumn Exhibition

Chrysovalantou Mavroudis at the Nepean Art Society Autumn Exhibition 2014