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artist diary…007

Last weekend I poked my head up to Queensland, so I missed writing in here last week!

I have been delivery my paintings to various shows, which will be my last shows for the year.

I dropped my and another artist work to the friendly girls at the Balmain Art and Craft Show. I will have four of my works exhibiting here, although I think they will be shown one at a time! It seems like a very busy show. I look forward to visiting it for the first time.

Took the nice long trip to Blackheath to deliver 3 works for the Blackheath Rhododendron Art  Show. It was my first time to Blackheath and enjoyed exploring the area.

Dropping off work to picturesque Blackheath

Dropping off work to picturesque Blackheath

I went up to Queensland where I was able to get some reference photos of horses for upcoming paintings. It will definitely be a challenge to capture their graceful movement!

My friend sent me this photo to show me her new purchased items she received in the mail. This year she decided to swap sending traditional Christmas cards and instead send my art cards which she bought from my Redbubble store – YAY!

My friend's purchase

My friend’s purchase

Finished 2 paintings which have been buzzing in my head…

Street scene painting of Sydney's Martin Place

Martin Place, Sydney

Bustling Circular Quay, Sydney watercolor painting

Brunch with a view

Blackheath show is still running until this weekend 2nd November and my last two shows are Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains Artfest and Balmain Art and Craft Show.

artist diary…002

I just completed a very busy week. Thank God for friends who helped along the way.

I began my week returning from Queensland and launching my kids holiday workshops! I am looking forward to running these kids art and craft classes, as they are always fun for kids and teacher.


I traveled out west to Richmond to deliver my paintings to the Richmond Market Place Sale. I had two sales here (Sunset Harbour and Crossing the Grand Canal) and was lucky enough to meet one of my buyers during the weekend.


sydney harbour bridge watercolour painting

Sunset Harbour


Gondolas crossing busy Grand Canal in Venice

Crossing the Grand Canal, Venice

While I was out there, I went on my first plein air outing with the Nepean Plein Air Group, who meet up every Thursday morning. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and to be honest I knew nearly straight away, I had to get back out there.

Painting straight from nature.

In peace.

Outside  your studio.

I’m going to like this.

A new adventure begins. (It was actually quite romantic and picturesque to see painters scattered across a field, deep in inspiration).

Off to Ebenezer, NSW !  I went to pick up my paintings from the Art Fair at the Ebenezer Public School.  A storm was brewing and I definitely wore the wrong shoes. I could not help but stop along the way to take reference photos that I am already eager to paint! The best part about traveling! One less painting to pick up, my ‘Drifting Along the Canals’, Venice painting had been sold! Good news after a long trip!

Colorful Venice Canal with gondola

Drifting along the Canals

My little travel machine and the looming clouds

My little travel machine and the looming clouds

But the week wasn’t over yet! One last drop off for the Penrith Show, which runs on the last weekend of August. Check out my side bar for more info.

PHEW! That was a big week.