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artist diary…007

Last weekend I poked my head up to Queensland, so I missed writing in here last week!

I have been delivery my paintings to various shows, which will be my last shows for the year.

I dropped my and another artist work to the friendly girls at the Balmain Art and Craft Show. I will have four of my works exhibiting here, although I think they will be shown one at a time! It seems like a very busy show. I look forward to visiting it for the first time.

Took the nice long trip to Blackheath to deliver 3 works for the Blackheath Rhododendron Art  Show. It was my first time to Blackheath and enjoyed exploring the area.

Dropping off work to picturesque Blackheath

Dropping off work to picturesque Blackheath

I went up to Queensland where I was able to get some reference photos of horses for upcoming paintings. It will definitely be a challenge to capture their graceful movement!

My friend sent me this photo to show me her new purchased items she received in the mail. This year she decided to swap sending traditional Christmas cards and instead send my art cards which she bought from my Redbubble store – YAY!

My friend's purchase

My friend’s purchase

Finished 2 paintings which have been buzzing in my head…

Street scene painting of Sydney's Martin Place

Martin Place, Sydney

Bustling Circular Quay, Sydney watercolor painting

Brunch with a view

Blackheath show is still running until this weekend 2nd November and my last two shows are Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains Artfest and Balmain Art and Craft Show.

artist diary…004

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted – but they all have past somewhat like a blur – they have gone so fast!

This week I met some happy little faces at my art and craft workshops in Sydney’s inner west, Leichhardt.

We jam packed our first lesson learning some watercolour tricks of the trade and creating artworks to take home and hang up on the wall.

Layers of washes

Layers of washes

Wet on wet washes

Wet on wet washes

Some fun!

Some fun!

My favourite water colour technique - and I'm sure theirs too! Splash!

My favourite water colour technique – and I’m sure theirs too! Splash!



Tuesday, I dropped off my paintings to the Drummoyne Art show, which opens on Friday night, September 26th. It’s a 9 day show, so plenty of time to pop down. I’ll be there on Saturday 27th 1.30-5pm and Sunday October 5th 1-4pm, if anyone wants to say hello. I have 8 paintings in total exhibiting. This is one of them – 1/2 sheet named: ‘I don’t like Mondays’.

Wet Sydney city street scene watercolour

I don’t like Mondays

Wednesday was school holiday workshop #2 – Screen printing!

Now I’ve been asked, “Why screen printing? You’re a fine artist”. For ten years I worked in the fashion industry and screen printing was a part of my job…and hey it’s fun! I am a really creative, crafty and hands-on type of person. I enjoy to create more that just art and I don’t think there is anything better for a child’s mind than to use it creatively. I have a big passion for children and support hands-on learning and passing of time.

Here are some of our work!

Preparing the screen

Preparing the screen



A younger student’s design

It is a busy part of the year with Spring exhibitions. I’ve been able to write this entry, as I am taking it a bit easier this week.

I sold the following painting at the Nepean Art Show held on the first weekend of September.

watercolour painting of St Mark's Square

‘Off to St Mark’s’
27 x 17.5cm

And coming up is my first trip to South Hurstville to exhibit in the St Mark’s Annual Art Show!