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painting rainbows

I have had a less productive week this week. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like painting. The lesson I have learnt from my experience is: don’t paint when you don’t feel like it, because it will show in the painting!

But I have also learnt that you can do other things in that time, so you can keep growing and improving in times when you don’t feel very productive at all. Reading/ studying books is one way. The other is to start studying your watercolor pigments and learn them well!

When I first started painting…this was the LAST thing I wanted to do. I did a colour wheel, I did tests…but I wanted to paint pictures instead. Now I have gained a greater insight to what my tutor Joe Cartwright and artists Hazel Soan have been talking about. Learn your colours: which are transparent, opaque – what happens when they mix- what colours you can create from a very small palette – and learn them well! It will give you more tools to work with when you paint.

So here is what I do when I’m not in a painting mood…

Watercolour pigment mixing

Learning your colors


and it is really fun and quite amazing! I have a small palette and I am not even half way through with the possibilities! I keep my charts as references for later work.

In other news, the Art of Sydney Awards are on this long weekend, ending on Tuesday. I will be there on Tuesday morning until 12.00pm on duty. My society and the awards won by our members, including myself, were featured in local press this week. Well done everyone!

Art of Sydney Awards featured in local newspaper

Art of Sydney Awards featured in local newspaper