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nice surprises

Last Saturday, I navigated myself down to the Bankstown Arts Centre to deliver my work for the ‘Art of Sydney’ awards, that will be held later this month.

It’s my first time in the show and to be honest, I was (very!) nervous about being accepted by the judge/s.

I was very pleased when the call on Sunday gave me the good news that, yes I will be hung! YAY!

Tuesday night came along and so did a missed call on my phone. Calling back, hoping there hadn’t been any mistakes…I was advised that I was awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ for Watercolour and was a finalist in the 9 x 5 ” section.  Double YAY!

Other members of my Nepean group also received awards, which was great news 🙂

These are the paintings mentioned…


City street scene painting

‘Highly Commended’ in Watercolour – ‘Wet Suits’


Painting of Sydney Harbor Bridge

Finalist in the 9 x 5″ section – Sydney Harbour Bridge

I continued painting flowers this week. Slow and careful work in humid heat! Not a good mix, the paint drying like that! I loved the colours of my hydrangea from my back garden, that I really felt like painting and tackling the subject. You should always follow those inclinations 🙂

This is my finished painting and am loving how my art is looking on my Redbubble store…


'By the window' ipad skin!

‘By the window’ ipad skin!

Painting of purple pink hyndrangea flower

By the window


I also tried to go and get in some plein air practice this week. Down by the bay, it proved to be very windy on both days I tried. First time was worse than the last, when everything was being blown away. I had to hold onto everything!

Now as the heat subsides, and the storm rolls over, I concept new work for the coming week 🙂

Until then,



Summer florals

I’ve had a nice break over Christmas and the New Year. Long over due maybe.

Before I took a break from painting, I was happy to end the year with a piece I was happy with. I haven’t painted many flower paintings, due to a lot of difficulties I had with them earlier in my learning the medium. So, I thought it was time to tackle the subject and after many failed attempts, I pushed through to complete the following painting of the Fuschia Lord Byron from my garden.

Lord Byron Fuchsia flower painting in watercolor

Fuchsia Lord Byron

Coming back to my easel, palette and window (where I paint at) after my break, (it felt like I hadn’t painted in months!) I decided to attempt my first rose. We don’t have much success growing roses in our backyard, but when we grew this lilac rose a couple of years ago, I was sure to snap a photo! It came in handy now, and I am very pleased with the result. I hope to do many more flower watercolor paintings in the future.

Stay tuned!

Rose watercolor painting

Lilac beauty