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Nepean Art Society Watercolour demonstration

I was invited to do a watercolour demonstration at the Nepean Art Society, in Sydney’s West on October 1st.

I had a very warm welcome and painted for them a colourful sunset boat and water scene.

My painting process was relayed up on a screen, for easy viewing for the audience.

Here are some photos from the demonstration. I used wet in wet techniques for the sunset sky.


Laying the initial wash

I showed that the sky and water is done in the first wash of the painting.


Painting the clouds in the sky

I pointed out that my water jar was completely clear. This is because, prior to starting my first wash, I placed a sufficient amount of water in my palette. I used the water in my palette (mixed with previous colours), to mix the following washes for my painting. This also keeps the painting harmonious in hue.


Painting the distant trees


The finished painting and it’s maker

Finished painting

Finished painting