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Bits n Pieces

It’s been a busy two weeks since I last posted. February is already over and a very busy March is around the corner!

I wanted to paint another hydrangea in a larger format. Here it is…not quite finished. I find the subject of flowers quite relaxing 🙂

In progress...

In progress…

While we’re in my studio…

Reviewing my street scenes side by side, and as a collective in my studio

Reviewing my street scenes side by side, and as a collective in my studio

A small painting of the Rocks I completed…

Cafe scene in the Rocks, Sydney

Eating out @ the Rocks, Sydney

This week I delivered my paintings down to Yowie Bay at the Waterbrook resort annual exhibition. It was a rainy day, but it has cleared up so people can visit over the weekend.

Rainy day delivery work to Waterbrook

Rainy day delivery work to Waterbrook

A big congratulations to my original and great watercolour teacher, Joe Cartwright. He has recently published his own book, to continue what he does best: help people with this medium in a simple and easy to learn method. A big PLUG here for his book, which you can purchase as a paperback or ebook! (click image to be directed to the site)

indexI’m off to the Gold Coast next weekend for a special birthday, so I will update my blog when I get back!


artist diary…005

Last week when I posted, I had an idea of how busy my weekend would be – but it was a very exciting one as well!

Thursday night I received a call to tell me that I was the Winner in the ‘Small Works’ section at the Drummoyne Art Members Show! I was thrilled, as it is my first win. To make it better, I also had received a High Commendation for another work.

Friday night, I received my prize and awards from the Deputy Major of Canada Bay.


Highly Commened awarded painting of QVB Sydney ‘Rush Hour’ – Highly Commended “Excellent contrast, lovely use of granulating pigments and great plein air feel”

Winning painting Drummoynesmall

‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ – Winner of Small works section

Chrysovalantou watercolour artist small

Chrysovalantou artist receiving award

Receiving my award on opening night

I sold three of my works on opening weekend, so was I was very pleased!

Looking out on Italian countryside

Between houses in Assisi Italy

Leaning tower in Venice Canal

Leaning tower of San Giorgio Dei Greci, Venice

Sydney CBD early morning

Rush Hour

I have gotten back into my painting this week, which I’m glad.

This is a piece I completed of one of my favourite subjects – yep – Venice!

Gondolas on Canal in Venice Italy

Venice Reflections

I have been itching to do another animal painting and I have started with some ideas. I always do a pencil tonal sketch before I begin a work. It helps you understand your subject and where the highlights and shadows will be – and also what you can improve on with the magic of the medium. I also will do a watercolour sketch before I begin, so I know I am happy with my colours palette.

Preliminary tonal sketch

Preliminary tonal sketch

Finally, I also delivered 5 works to Sth Hurstville for the Annual Art Show at St Mark’s Anglican Church. It is on all long weekend, so drop down and have a look if you live in the area. Drummoyne closes this weekend also – so I will be a busy bee picking up my work! No holidays for me 🙂

~ Chrysovalantou


artist diary .001

July 2014

I have just returned from a trip to northern NSW, where I spent most of my time collecting reference material for new work. I love the farmland up there! It’s pristine, it’s untouched. I walked and walked and walked..and came back very fit. I’m hoping to be plein air painting up there one day.

I had some good news when I got back to Sydney – 3 of my paintings sold at the 50th Anniversary Drummoyne Art Exhibition. I was very pleased!


But I did stumble on a problem… I came back and couldn’t find any motivation to start any work. But when I made a long long list of all the things I needed to get done (and soon!), I think that kicked me into gear this week.

On Tuesday I met with a lovely art curator to finalise an exhibition space for next May. It’s very exciting and at the same time nerve racking. Money raised goes to a cause close to me, so it’s something to look forward to next year.

I’ll be holding Children’s art workshops for the Spring school holidays in Sydney. I found a great location near the city and now am working on getting the best equipment for my group to have fun with!

On my list of “to-dos” are 4 exhibitions I have to prepare for in August. I haven’t exhibited at these shows before, so it will be nice to try the new venues. Framing orders in – check! Look to the side of this page,  to see full listings of shows.

Put some final touches to the below works and the week has flown by!

Colourful Rusty window


Watercolour painting of Yarramundi Reserve

Yarramundi Reflections