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Delivering work around town

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! Made a speedy trip to the Gold Coast (so fast there is no piccies to show!)

Was a finalist at the Waterbrook Art Show.

Finalist with 'Wet Suits'

Finalist with ‘Wet Suits’

Delivered my work at the Royal Easter Show (opens 26th March!)…I learned a couple of valuable lessons for next year. Also delivered 5 pieces to the Art in the Hills Oakhill College show (next weekend 20th – 22nd March).

My pass into the show!

My pass into the show!

Car line up for the Easter Show delivery

Car line up for the Easter Show delivery


Next week I am delivering to Oatley West Art Show (on next weekend 20th – 22nd March too!)

When not traveling, I finished the hydrangea piece I was working on in my last post.

Hydrangea watercolor painting

Seeing Blue

I also completed ‘Mirror, Mirror’ a wet street scene watercolor.

Wet street city landscape painting

Mirror, Mirror

And that’s me for the week! 🙂

~ Chrysovalantou

painting rainbows

I have had a less productive week this week. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like painting. The lesson I have learnt from my experience is: don’t paint when you don’t feel like it, because it will show in the painting!

But I have also learnt that you can do other things in that time, so you can keep growing and improving in times when you don’t feel very productive at all. Reading/ studying books is one way. The other is to start studying your watercolor pigments and learn them well!

When I first started painting…this was the LAST thing I wanted to do. I did a colour wheel, I did tests…but I wanted to paint pictures instead. Now I have gained a greater insight to what my tutor Joe Cartwright and artists Hazel Soan have been talking about. Learn your colours: which are transparent, opaque – what happens when they mix- what colours you can create from a very small palette – and learn them well! It will give you more tools to work with when you paint.

So here is what I do when I’m not in a painting mood…

Watercolour pigment mixing

Learning your colors


and it is really fun and quite amazing! I have a small palette and I am not even half way through with the possibilities! I keep my charts as references for later work.

In other news, the Art of Sydney Awards are on this long weekend, ending on Tuesday. I will be there on Tuesday morning until 12.00pm on duty. My society and the awards won by our members, including myself, were featured in local press this week. Well done everyone!

Art of Sydney Awards featured in local newspaper

Art of Sydney Awards featured in local newspaper


I’ve had a very productive week, which I am happy about.

I attempted my first full sheet painting – and was happy with my first attempt on such a large scale.

So…of course I did a second full sheet and ..I’m liking working on such a large scale! It’s actually more fun than I would of imagined.

I also completed the following half sheet dedicated to… Sydney’s weather. I enjoy painting wet street scene paintings.

wet Sydney street scene watercolor


Next weekend will be the Art of Sydney Exhibition at the Maritime Museum – come down and have a look if you have a chance! It’s free entry all weekend, with extended hours (which you can see on my right menu bar) and 5 of my works on display.


Art Of Sydney awards

I’m also getting ready for the Royal Easter Show which needs entries in this week (an insight of how early we work ahead!)

And now…the weekend!

Summer florals

I’ve had a nice break over Christmas and the New Year. Long over due maybe.

Before I took a break from painting, I was happy to end the year with a piece I was happy with. I haven’t painted many flower paintings, due to a lot of difficulties I had with them earlier in my learning the medium. So, I thought it was time to tackle the subject and after many failed attempts, I pushed through to complete the following painting of the Fuschia Lord Byron from my garden.

Lord Byron Fuchsia flower painting in watercolor

Fuchsia Lord Byron

Coming back to my easel, palette and window (where I paint at) after my break, (it felt like I hadn’t painted in months!) I decided to attempt my first rose. We don’t have much success growing roses in our backyard, but when we grew this lilac rose a couple of years ago, I was sure to snap a photo! It came in handy now, and I am very pleased with the result. I hope to do many more flower watercolor paintings in the future.

Stay tuned!

Rose watercolor painting

Lilac beauty