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I received a couple of commendations recently for my watercolours at the Drummoyne Art Show. I don’t like being in front of people, but we award winners, had to go on stage, collect our certificates and pose for these wonderful photos with local councilors…

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Recent Watercolour Demonstration

I recently conducted a watercolour demonstration at the Bankstown Art Society.

I took a regular every day suburban street with shops and tried to show how that you can take anything for inspiration and transform it into a painting.

It does take practice! I too, sometimes believe there is a painting there, but, I can’t get it to work. I leave it and come back to it (after a long period of time – not the next day)

Using your imagination and artistic license – you create a story in the scene, keeping true to the identity of the location.

Thanks to all who came out!

Half complete work

Finished street scene


Good end to the year

I have not posted much this year. Wow! I can’t believe the year is near to its end.

I have been very selective this year in where I have been exhibiting. Which means I have had a break from some yearly shows.

However, I have had a couple of good weeks lately…which has ended the year on a high.

One of my paintings was voted and won the prize for ‘People’s Choice’ at the Blackheath Rhododendron Festival Art Show. I have never won this before, and it was a great surprise! I also sold 2 of my works at this show, which was very pleasing 🙂

George Street wet weather painting

Rainy Day in Sydney, Australia

I received a call late this afternoon, a call I think every artist wishes to the other…the one that says: “You don’t have to come and pick up your unsold works… as they all sold”. I was hiking in my favourite place, and was so grateful and surprised with the news.

I’m not sure if every one realises…but a sale for an artist (compared to buying from a mass market big business) not only supports them, but supports them to continue in developing their talent. We paint a picture developed in our mind and through hard work. It is always amazing that someone else out there, connects with it and wants to have it hanging up on their wall.

Many thanks to those who bought my 4 works. You have helped me continue in my work.

Sold Watercolour Artworks at Blue Mountains Artfest


Nepean Art Society Watercolour demonstration

I was invited to do a watercolour demonstration at the Nepean Art Society, in Sydney’s West on October 1st.

I had a very warm welcome and painted for them a colourful sunset boat and water scene.

My painting process was relayed up on a screen, for easy viewing for the audience.

Here are some photos from the demonstration. I used wet in wet techniques for the sunset sky.


Laying the initial wash

I showed that the sky and water is done in the first wash of the painting.


Painting the clouds in the sky

I pointed out that my water jar was completely clear. This is because, prior to starting my first wash, I placed a sufficient amount of water in my palette. I used the water in my palette (mixed with previous colours), to mix the following washes for my painting. This also keeps the painting harmonious in hue.


Painting the distant trees


The finished painting and it’s maker

Finished painting

Finished painting






A new year

My first post for the new year!

Last week I did a demo for an art group in Baulkham Hills. It was a fun night with a nice group of people. I demonstrated a sea scape with focus on the sky. Here are some (not so great) photos of the steps I took to complete the painting.

Demo in watercolor by Chrysovalantou

I have also donated one of my paintings to be raffled at the, up and coming, Nepean Art Society Autumn Exhibition and Sale. The show runs on the 9th & 10th April and ‘Abandoned‘ is the title of the painting.

Boats on sand in Wareemba Sydney

‘Abandoned’ raffle prize painting at the Nepean Art Show

I had a good old time over the Summer holidays painting my heart away. Some of the new paintings can be viewed in my new ‘RECENT’ gallery section on my website. I have also added a ‘FOR SALE’ section, for those interested in purchasing my paintings online.

I also have exhibited some of the new paintings at the currently running, Royal Easter Show. I was pleased when ‘The Jazz Players’ was sold on opening night.

Jazz band playing in restaurant

The Jazz Players

Down and out

Nothing to report this week! Have been crook for 2 weeks now and as you can imagine, a bit over it!

It was nice to get some of official photos come through from the Opening night of ‘Celebrating Life with Watercolour’ and the other winter art exhibitions. See them below 🙂

Hopefully by next week, I’ll be back on my feet and painting, with a much busier post!

Until then…

~ Chrysovalantou



One of our walls


Friends who came out to the opening


Joe talking about the magic of watercolour to VIPs


Joe and I, infront of our exhibition