The close of the Nepean Art Society Autumn Exhibition

We packed up our work and went home after a long weekend on our feet. I was really pleased that some of my paintings caught the eye of beholders, who wanted to take them home for their home and wall. To those that I met, it was so very nice to meet you.

It was a successful show the Nepean Art Society and it was an enjoyable weekend meeting so many new people and supporting friends with great talents in art.

Something I did contemplate was…the power of this small adhesive piece of paper called a sticker. What am I talking about?

As someone who has worked with children in a learning environment, I know how much children love to have a sticker placed on their work and efforts as a reward.

I thought it was amusing that the same smile I see on children’s faces, I see on us adult artists, when that small circle sticker is placed beside our work: “SOLD”

We are rewarded by a sticker (less fancy than children’s ones) but the excitement is equal.

I thought I would add the following photo that was sent to me. It was taken by the photographer of the event, who was photographing artists with their sold paintings.

Now…back to the drawing board!

Nepean Art Society Autumn Exhibition

Chrysovalantou Mavroudis at the Nepean Art Society Autumn Exhibition 2014